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March 2014 - Group show: Better Books – Art, Anarchy & Apostasy, Trondheim Kunstmuseum, Norway

March 2013 - Solo exhibition at Kate MacGarry Gallery, London

Oct 2012 - Retrospective exhibition and related events at Brighton & Hove Museums + other venues, including Cinecity Festival Programme Art Elysees, Paris

Sept 2012 - Expanded Cinema Installation, The Tanks at Tate Modern

July 2012 - Group Show, Montpelier, France
July 2012 - Group Show, Frith Street Gallery, London

June 2012 - Group Show (British Pop Artists) Galerie Du Centre, Paris

May 2012 - International Group Show, New York

Jan 2012 - Solo Show, Elizabeth Dee Gallery, New York
Jan 2012 - Group exhibition, 1602 Broadway, New York

Oct 2011 - Art Elysees, Paris
Sept 2011 - Solo Show, Galerie Du Centre, Paris

1998 - Pandaemonium Festival at Tate Britain
“Mad Love” + “Art War” shown + talk

1998 - Certificates for Best Films in Cambridge Animation Festival 1967
“Like the Time is Now” and “Wail”
1998 - BFI Certificate for outstanding film of the year at 1970 London Film Festival

1996 - “Artwar” Expanded Cinema show, Fabrica, Brighton and London Filmmakers Co-op.
Exhibition of paintings and 3D objects within which a one-off performance/screening is held. Developed from “Rayday Redivus” exhibition at Maze Gallery, Brighton where a series of changing film loops played on the hour.
‘Jeff is interested in creating something that takes his work “beyond the screen”, sometimes literally by painting and destroying the screen itself. The exhibition, installations and performance all draw attention to the nature of mechanical reproduction that cinema consist of.’ – Jane Finnis, Lighthouse.

1994 - “Artwar” shown at Viper International Film and Video Festival in Lucerne.

1993 - Experimenta 93/94 - Animation Project for Channel 4 commissioned by them and shown on TV. “Artwar” 1993

1987 - The Elusive Sign: 10 years of British Avant-Garde Film and Video. Arts Council/British Council exhibition
Tate Britain then extensive tour abroad
“Victory Thru Film Power” shown as part of a programme.

1986 - Charting Time: an exhibition of artist’s drawings, notes and diagrams for film and video – Serpentine Gallery
“Blatzom” notebooks shown alongside work by Derek Jarman, Liz Rhodes, Peter Gidal etc ‘Jeff Keen’s notebooks occupy an ambiguous status in relation to his films. They are not preparatory sketches or storyboards but rather like Surrealist “films on paper”. Their ‘narratives’ continue and extend the development of his film characters such as Dr. Gaz.’ – Steve Hawley “Though complete in themselves they work playful variations around the themes and images of the film” – Jeff Keen

1985 - Surrealist Traces: Three programmes of films tracing the influence of surrealism on avant-garde cinema.
Toured: The Watershed, Bristol; New Cinema, Nottingham; Metro Cinema, Derby; Filmhouse, Edinburgh; Aberdeen Art Gallery, Tate Gallery and other venues.
“Mad Love” shown next to Cocteau’s “Blood of a poet”
“A collection of jokes, trailers and photoplays” Mad Love is Keen’s homage to Breton’s ‘L’Amour Fou’ – the wild love that exceeds all boundaries. It avoids Surrealism’s taste for fine art and high fashion, plumping instead for Surrealism’s fascination with the bizarre and exotic streak in popular art.’ – Michael O’Pray

1985 - British Film and Video – The New Pluralism - Tate Britain
Selected by Tina Kean and Michael O’Pray.
‘Mad Love’
‘Although Jeff Keen’s film dates from the 1970’s, it has been re-edited in recent years. His work, in it’s fascination with the traditional objects of surrealist humour, eg film idols, detective stories, film serials and comics, is the product of a filmic imagination which is now shared by a younger generation of filmmakers who are attracted to the junk of popular culture. Mad Love (Keen’s homage to Breton’s ‘L’Amour Fou’) is a collection of jokes, trailers and photoplays immersed in Keen’s obsession with the bizarre and exotic.’ – Michael O’Pray

1980 - Unpacked Films, Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol (Arts Council Exhibition)
Film shows and exhibition panels. “24 Films” and “The Cartoon Theatre of Dr Gaz” shown alongside Maya Deren, Stan Brakhage, Robert Breer etc.

Festival ’79, Brighton. Week of performance (Jeff Keen expanded cinema show) alongside Ivor Cutler, Vivian Stanshall, David Toop, Lol Coxhill, Bow Gamelan Ensemble etc

Group exhibition in mid 1970s at Brighton Open Studios where Jeff shared studio space with artist friends and collaborators John Upton and Gary Turner

Group exhibitions in Brighton in mid 1960s with Laurence Cutting, Tony Sinden and Bill Butler

Joint exhibition in 1965 – Better Books, London
A joint exhibition with Jeff Nuttall of art and poetry. Jeff also regularly did film shows, other poetry readings and performances here during the 60s


Better Books exhibition, Norway (2014)



Kate MacGarry Gallery (2013)



1960s Exhibition Photos



Brighton Museum Show, 2012



Solo Show, Galerie Du Centre, Paris, 2011



Tate Tanks



Elizabeth Dee Gallery, New York, 2012



Broadway, New York, 2012